What is Natural Gas?

Vast quantities of oil and natural gas were known to exist 
in American shale formations, but no one knew how to get 
it out of the tighter, less porous rock.

Combining two time-tested drilling technologies 
unlocked its amazing potential.

Today, the U.S. is the world’s largest natural gas producer.
And since 2008, our oil and gas production has grown faster 
than any country in the world. And it all started right here in Texas – 
bringing jobs, economic growth and new energy for our country.


Exxonmobil's Baytown Expansion


Domestic natural gas will continue to energize Houston and our 
country for a long time to come. That’s why we want to expand 
our Baytown facility to benefit from America’s abundant supplies 
and become more competitive in global markets. For Houston,
that means jobs and economic activity flowing to our city.

Need Job Training

Become qualified to work
in the petrochemical
industry. ExxonMobil
and Lee College are
offering a "fast track"
workforce development
and training program
with classroom instruction,
dual-credit courses,
internships, certificate
programs and two-year
degree programs.

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construction jobs

New jobs
indirectly related
to the expansion

New permanent
jobs at the plant

Increase in annual
economic activity

Increase in annual
tax revenues

Huge opportunity
for Houston